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About Us

Information & Data is key (crucial) and we are your 'Key' (medium) to that information for steel industry.

We are one-of-its-kind Steel research, analysis and consultancy Company based in steel state (Chhattisgarh) of India.

We help everyone, directly or indirectly involved in the business of steel take informed and effective decisions and been doing so successfully for over 3 years. We cover more than 30 steel products under raw material (Iron ore, Pellets, Coal, Scrap, Manganese Ore), semi-finished (Sponge Iron, Ingot, Billet, Pig Iron, Scrap) and finished Steel products (various long and flat items).

We provide you with real-time trade prices, steel news, market views, expert comments and archived information. We also give you a feed back on the demand-supply situation at various locations across the country and yes, we also give you an outlook on the industry.

We keep you aware of what is happening in the world of Steel.

Our young and energetic team thrives to bring to you most timely and accurate data and will continue to do so always.

We are proudly associated with some of the largest steel players of the world and almost all (but few) in India.

We are located in Raipur, the Steel hub of Central India. Raipur is one of the oldest and biggest markets for Steel in our country. However, our intensions are clear to make our presence in all the other major steel mandis' in India.

We Believe

We believe information is the key for business organizations to have an edge over competition. And we acknowledge the importance of accurate and timely data.

We have created a wide platform for buyers and sellers of Steel across the world and act as a strong link between them, making trade easy among them. The network and association grows each day we are in office.


To be the largest steel based Research Company in the world.


Our mission is to build the largest network of people related to Steel at all levels; to build a platform where we can organize the world's Steel information and make it accessible and most useful to our customers and associates.


Our strong value system has brought us thus far and keeping us strong.

Our organization is built upon certain core values such as: Honesty, Commitment, Learning, Achieving, Sharing & Social Responsibility.

We Provide

  1. Steel Prices
  2. Market Views, Expert Comments
  3. Steel Reports
  4. Archived Information
  5. Prices and related updates /sentiments India /International
  6. Shipping and Logistics Reports (Freight, Vessel line up, Railway freight)
  7. Stock levels at different ports of India

Our Prospective Clients Include

  1. Owners and Senior managers at steel manufacturing companies
  2. Traders (Steel, Coal, Scrap and iron ore)
  3. Brokers
  4. Exporters/ Importers
  5. Research companies
  6. Chartering Companies
  7. Logistics Companies

Our activities underline our belief that “Steeling is Basic