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Finish Long WIRE 02 Nov, 16

Imposition of Anti-dumping duty on Wire Rod

Finish Long WIRE 27 Sep, 16

Govt. recommend for anti-dumping duty on wire rod

Finish Long WIRE 05 Aug, 16

Indian Govt. extent time limit to submit response in the antidumping investigation on Chinese Wire Rod

Finish Long WIRE 02 Jun, 16

Indian Govt. initiates Anti dumping investigation on Chinese Wire rod

Finish Long PIPES/ STRUCTURE/ TMT/ WIRE 21 Mar, 16

Quality control order for various steel products

Finish Long PIPES/ STRUCTURE/ TMT/ WIRE 05 Feb, 16

Indian government fixes Minimum Import Price on steel products

Finish Long PIPES/ STRUCTURE/ TMT/ WIRE 16 Jun, 15

Indian Govt Increases Import Duty on Finished Steel by 2.5%

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