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‘Analytics is the eighth wonder of the world’

Market intelligence is most crucial to the business today; as it helps you take informed decisions & reduce risks. Businesses in future will compete with intelligence based on information & analysis. We at SteelMint carefully gather the essential Market Intel from the Iron & Steel sector and build an eagle eye view of the market for you.
Our intelligence uses real time data and analyses it to plot essential information such as demand & supply gap, bottlenecks, competition and opportunities in the global steel industry.
We have been successfully servicing more than 3,000 clients from across the world for over 5 years now.


To be the strongest market intelligence for steel companies across the world.


To build the largest network of people related to Steel at all levels; to build a platform where we can assimilate & process the world's steel information and sync it with our customers and associates.


Our strong value system has brought us thus far and keeping us strong.

Our organization is built upon core values such as Honesty, Commitment, Learning, Achieving, Sharing & Social Responsibility.


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