SteelMint is a research and data provider.
We provide you Steel prices, Steel news, Steel reports, Iron ore prices (export) and updates on Steel industry, information on logistics such as vessel freight, vessel line-up of coal/iron ore, cargo position at different ports etc.
There are two ways of providing information to you. Through Website:You can access Steel prices, reports, news, logistics, Iron ore fines related updates. Through SMS: We update you with Steel prices like Ingots, Sponge, TMT on your mobile phone.
Yes. We do provide a paid trial for 30 days. You can avail the facility by clicking on Trial on the home page.
For subscription charges and other details you can contact our customer care @ +91-97700 56666
You can become a member by filling up a simple online application form by clicking on ’Become a member’.
You can make payment through credit/debit card (online) or by cheque/DD (offline).
After registration, you can enter the username and password that has been sent to you by SteelMint to access data. This will activate your service. For any other info you can contact our customer care @ +91-97700 56666.
SteelMint reports and data are useful for manufacturers, traders, brokers, exporters, chartering agents, analysts and retailers.
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