SteelMint is a research and data provider.
We provide you Steel prices, Steel news, Steel reports, Iron ore prices (export) and updates on Steel industry, information on logistics such as vessel freight, vessel line-up of coal/iron ore, cargo position at different ports etc.
There are two ways of providing information to you. Through Website:You can access Steel prices, reports, news, logistics, Iron ore fines related updates. Through SMS: We update you with Steel prices like Ingots, Sponge, TMT on your mobile phone.
Yes. We do provide a paid trial for 30 days. You can avail the facility by clicking on Trial on the home page.
For subscription charges and other details you can contact our customer care @ +91-97700 56666
You can become a member by filling up a simple online application form by clicking on ’Become a member’.
You can make payment through credit/debit card (online) or by cheque/DD (offline).
After registration, you can enter the username and password that has been sent to you by SteelMint to access data. This will activate your service. For any other info you can contact our customer care @ +91-97700 56666.
SteelMint reports and data are useful for manufacturers, traders, brokers, exporters, chartering agents, analysts and retailers.






What is Licensing?

DATA LICENSING: Data License is a legal instrument that lets the client know what they can and cannot do with our research data and prices. It is a system wherein a company which compiles all the data related to market intelligence in a particular sector, allow the other companies to access and use that data for the agreed purposes only. For the different usage of the data, different licenses are required.

USER LICENSING: It is a legal instrument which defines the number and the name of users who can access the data within an organization. User license is assigned to a named users within the organization who can access the data on behalf of the organization.

Yes, it is possible to opt for an add-on license based on your requirement. However, the deal for the same will be done separately and any discount (if any) or offer that was applicable earlier, will not be consider for the separate license.
Most of the Licenses that we offers are priced proportionately, however in few cases (For Example – Redistribution), the licenses are priced slightly premium and is calculated based on the need and requirement.
We have covered the most common ways in which our data has been used by the clients. So, if your requirement is not listed below, feel free to Email us at or call your Relationship Manager.
Different clients have different requirement and need. Data Licensing gives client's the right to use the data based on their requirement. The clients are charged on the basis of their usage and hence this system is more fair to them.
Yes, along with accepting the Terms & Condition online, you will also have to sign a Physical copy of the Agreement as well.
No, you should not use our data for any other purposes not mentioned in your agreement.
User License is the one which defines the maximum number of named users in an organization who can access SteelMint data.
No, You need to take a different User License for every named user from your organisation. Add-ons user can be availed at a discounted price. For Email us at or call your Relationship manager
Not to worry! Just give Call us or Send us an Email at and our team will get back to you to handle all your doubts & confusion.
You would be liable for Data Licensing, if decides to buy an access to SteelMint. All our plans and packages requires you to buy a License based on how you wish to use that data.
All our Data and Reports are covered under Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights and our team constantly work hard to provide you the data, analysis and reports that are based on thorough research. Hence, the data that you get helps you in growing your business by helping you take a decision on sound business insights. To keep the usage of our data safe and avoid unauthorized usage of the data, we have made it our standard norm. It also ensures that even in your team, no one uses the data beyond the permitted usage.
If your organization requires multiple people to login and access SteelMint data (within the organisation) – Simultaneously or otherwise, you will need to take User License for the desired number of user.
User License is assigned to the named users within the organization. It means that the organisation will have to inform SteelMint about the users that are willing to use and access SteelMint data and we will provide a separate access to those users on behalf of your organization. So, the license is assigned to the organization, which names the users who will access SteelMint services.
Yes, as long as our Data is shared under the permitted norms of Data & User License assigned to your organization.
No, you cannot publish or post StillMint prices on your website or any other public domain. However, there is a separate license that will allow you to refer to the reports and data on SteelMint to create an article for your website or any other public platform. For details on this specific need, please call your Relationship Manager or Email us at
No, you are only allowed to use the data for your internal purpose or as permitted by your Data License. You cannot share any of our data, reports or prices in its original form under any circumstances.
  • SteelMint has been following the 'Data & User Licensing policy' with all its clients. To learn more about SteelMint Data Licensing Policy refer to:
  • Under 'Data & User Licensing', all clients registered with 'SteelMint Info Services LLP' have to mandatory sign the data licensing agreement with SteelMint. In case the client fails to send the executed agreement copy within 07 days from the date of payment, SteelMint reserves all rights to stop client's services without any prior notice and no refunds will be made by SteelMint.
  • SteelMint need duly filled KYC form from clients for issuing error free invoice. In case the client fails to provide duly filled KYC form within 03 days from the date of payment, a tax invoice will be generated as per details available with SteelMint. No changes will be possible after tax invoice is generated.
  • Unauthorised usage of data is strictly prohibited, as mentioned in the "Data and User License Agreement". Upon continuous unauthorised usage SteelMint reserves the right to cease services.
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