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India: Balco lowers aluminium ingot prices by INR 8,000/t

14 Jun 2022, 11:31 IST
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  • Balco has decreased primary aluminium ingots (P1020, 99.7%) prices by INR 8,000/t ($102/t) today as against 11 Jun'22. The company's effective price is INR 237,500/t ($3,043/t).
  • The closing price for the three-month aluminium futures on LME stood at $2,628/t on 13 Jun, down $52/t d-o-d, while cash prices decreased by $105.5/t to $2,589.5/t d-o-d yesterday.
  • Balco's operations are in Korba, Chhattisgarh, while its bauxite mines are in Kawardha and Mainpat.

14 Jun 2022, 11:31 IST
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