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India: JSPL posts record high production volume in FY '21

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12 May 2021, 19:04 IST
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Snapshot of JSPL's performance in FY '21 is as follows-

  • In FY '21 JSPL's, production (incl. pig iron) increased by 19% y-o-y to hit a record of 7.51 mn t (vs 6.30 mn t in FY '20) while Standalone Steel (incl. pig iron) sales also reached the highest ever level of 7.28 mn t (up 20% y-o-y).
  • Better export markets during the year resulted in JSPL exports rising by 226% to 2.53mn t in FY '21, accounting for 35% of the overall sales (vs. 13% in FY '20).
  • Improving prices, higher volumes and better cost efficiencies have resulted in JSPL's EBITDA hitting a record of INR 13,055 Cr. Record operating profit and declining interest expense have contributed in JSPL net profit reaching the highest ever level of INR 7,154 Cr in FY '21.

12 May 2021, 19:04 IST
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