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JSW Steel's FY21 Sales performance highlights

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21 May 2021, 21:21 IST
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  • Total FY21 sales volumes up marginally at 14.95 mn t (14.90 mn t in FY20). The Covid-19 related disruptions in Q1 FY21, were offset by a strong rebound in demand in H2.
  • Domestic sales of 10.72 mn t down by 9%, mainly due to a slump in domestic demand in Q1 FY21; consequently, exports up by 36% in FY21.
  • Automotive sales up by 7%, while domestic automotive production contracted by 14%.
  • Overall value-added and special products sales up by 9% (52% of overall sales vs. 48% last year), mainly driven by robust sales to automotive and increased offtake from Industrial and Engineering, Solar and Appliances segments in H2 FY21.

21 May 2021, 21:21 IST
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