India: OMDC Receives Extension of Validity of Iron Ore Mining lease till Aug’2026

As per recent orders by state government, Orissa Minerals Development Co. has received extension in validity of iron ore and manganese ore mining lease at Champua till 15 Aug’2026. The mines cover an area of 1276.79 Hect of land in Nalda, Karakolha, Belkundi etc under Champua sub-division of Keonjhar district, Odisha.

As per the Minerals (Mining by Government Company) Rules, 2015, the state government has extended the validity period for 20 years starting from 16th Aug’2006 to 15th Aug’2026. The lessee is also supposed to execute supplementary deed within a period of three months from the date of issue of order subject to requisite forest clearances.

The extension of lease period is subject to conditions including:

1. The lessee will furnish an undertaking that he will make the payment for the demand raised or to be raised under the MMDR Act in accordance with the judgement of Supreme Court of India.

2. The extension of validity period of lease is subject to final result of outcome of writ petition pending in Hon’ble Supreme court of India.

3. The OMDC will sell at least 50% of the production to the end users in the state.

4. The lessee shall execute the supplementary lease deed for the extended period within three months from the date of issue of this order subject to availability of requisite forest clearance and the above conditions and undertakings shall form part of such deeds.

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