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India's Iron Ore Exports Fall 29% q-o-q

28, Jul 2021
India's iron ore exports decreased 29% q-o-q to 9.78 mn t in Q2FY21, against 13.83 mn t in Q1FY21. However, compared to Q2FY20, the country's iron ore exports increased 3% in Q2FY21.

China stood as the largest importer of iron ore during Q2FY21 at 9.67 mn t. But China's imports from India also saw a steep decline of 25% in Q2FY21, against 12.86 mn t in Q1FY21. Rungta Mines is the largest exporter of iron ore at 2.30 mn t in Q2 2021, down by 37% q-o-q.