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Iran's DRI Exports Show Upward Trend in First 6 Months of Current Persian Year

23, Oct 2021
Iran's DRI exports shows an upward trend in the first 6 months of the Persian Year (PY) 1400 compared to last year. DRI exports in the first 6 months of PY1400 (21 Mar'21, to 20 Sept'21) increased by 284% to 673,000 tonnes from 174,000 tonnes in PY1399 (21 Mar'20 to 20 Sept'20). It is to be noted that Iran's DRI exports were at 843,000 tonnes in PY1399 (21 Mar'19 to 20 Mar'20) and 750,530 tonnes in PY1398 (21 Mar'18 to 20 Mar'19).