Frequently Asked Questions

SteelMint is a Market Intelligence and Price Reporting firm that caters to the data and analytics requirements of businesses in the commodities sector. It publishes real time prices and information, which is impartial, independent and reliable, sourced from all industry interfaces – sellers, buyers, agents and traders. This data is filtered and passed through very stringent, calculative assessments before final prices are derived, thereby giving our clients accurate pricing.

In a nutshell, we provide credible commodity price assessments, market insights and trends, Industry reports, Historical Data and Statistics (Import, Export, Capacity, Production etc.) and logistics information such as vessel freight, vessel line-up of coal/iron ore, cargo position at different ports and a whole lot more.

We provide relevant information to you in two ways. Through our comprehensive website and SteelMint Mobile Application with a list of subscription plans that suits your business.

We currently have our plans modified to serve you for even a month with attached monthly charges. You might want to consider that as a monthly paid trial service.

We have different packages with inclusions catering to different client requirements –Website Plans include: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum+ and Mobile App plans include: Price Only, Standard & Professional. There is a monthly/yearly subscription fee. More details are available on our website and App, or alternatively, you could contact our. customer care @ +91 97700 56666.

Once you select the package and specific products that most suit your requirement, you will have to fill up a simple online application, and proceed to making a subscription payment. You could also choose to request a demo and then decide if a regular subscription would benefit you or not.

You can make payment through credit/debit card (online) or by cheque/DD (offline).

We cater to all client types varying from individuals, Micro , Small, Medium and Large Enterprises. SteelMint reports and data are useful for wide range of business types - manufacturers, traders, brokers, exporters, chartering agents, research analysts, technology & equipment suppliers, end users etc.

You may contact our customer support over the Call On @ +91 97700 56666. or send us an e-mail on

Your user name is the e-mail id that you have used for registration and if you don't remember the password, click on forgot password and the same would be sent over to the registered e-mail ID and your mobile number. Alternatively you can contact our customer support.

For Web: If you are already a user, you can view your subscription plan details in your profile setting>>subscription. If you are a new user, you can get details of all the plans and their features in the buy now section of your profile. You can also view details of plans for each user if you have availed it for more than one users as well. For Mobile App: You can view your subscription plan details in the Profile section>>Subscription Details.

You can check the expiry/due date of renewal of your plan from the Profile under Subscription details tab.

Yes, we do send reminder messages and mail at predefined days prior to the expiry due date for a one click renewal process.