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Where can I download the SteelMint mobile app?

Answer: You can download SteelMint App from Google Play Store for android phone and Apple App Store for IOS devices.

How do I get started?

Answer: Just download SteelMint App on your mobile, enter your mobile number and log in with OTP and you can start using SteelMint app. If you are an existing customer you can also login with your e-mail and password.

How can I get the most from this app?

Answer: SteelMint app provides brief updates – Intel, Insights, Steel Prices, Tenders, Events, Steel360 Magazine, and Industry Reports on your mobile App. But to access detailed information, a user must either subscribe to SteelMint mobile app package or have access to SteelMint web services. For more info on SteelMint plans, visit:

Do I need to log in each time I access the app?

Answer: SteelMint app requires only onetime login.

Do I have access to the same content on SteelMint website?

The information in the app is broadly customized to meet the need of mobile users. SteelMint app helps you stay ahead by providing time to time relevant notifications.

What devices can I use the SteelMint mobile app on?

Answer: SteelMint mobile app is compatible with any Android device running on android 4.4 or higher and IOS mobile device running on IOS 6 or higher.

Do I have to pay for SteelMint mobile app?

Answer: SteelMint mobile app is available for free download on both Android Play Store and IOS App Store. However to access all detailed information available on the app, a user must subscribe a minimum standard plan of SteelMint web services or register their device for any of the mobile app plan. For more information call our helpline number.

What kind of data connection do I need?

Answer: SteelMint App can be accessed on any type of internet connection. However a 4G connection is advised for faster data loading.

Where can I get further help?

Answer: For any further help on SteelMint App, user may contact +91 9770056666 or send us an Email a

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